Omnicom Internal Video Reminds Employees That It’s Like ‘Working for a Big Family’

By Patrick Coffee 

omnicom mario

Today in Yes, It’s Friday News, we hear that Omnicom sent a URL out to all employees on Wednesday that is kind of amazing.

We Are Omnicom is a big WordPress site that loads a bit slowly but includes lots of information on the holding company’s global operations.

omnicom videoThe copy below the featured video, which we can’t embed but you should really watch:

You are a part of five world-leading global networks. You are 75,000 amazing, talented, creative and innovative minds; spanning 35+ markets, serving over 5,000 category defining brands. You are amongst the best of the best. We like to think we’re the home of creativity – but we’d be nothing without you. You are our Connected Brilliance. And together…

We are Omnicom.

We learned a fair amount about the holding company in only a few minutes. For example, did you know that Omnicom University is “a management development program widely considered as the most pre-eminent in the industry” and led by professors from Harvard Business School and China Europe International Business School? We did not.

Here’s a pic of some recent graduates(?) hanging out in the big city.

omnicom university

This is also the first time we learned of Accelerate-ExBellum, which helps place “top talent from the military’s most advanced organizations, Special Operations Forces” at Omnicom agencies.

Of course you know about Omniwomen, which now has more than 10 chapters around the world.

But what about the tech-leaning Emerge conference and Close, which brings different Omnicom shops around the world together for team building exercises?

omnicom close

We’re not members of the online collaboration hub Link!, so we can’t really find out more. But the featured video itself is worth a watch for further evidence that Omnicom Group is, indeed, like one big family…of Italian plumbers.

No really, what’s with the Mario getup?