Omnicom Goes For Diversity

By SuperSpy 

Omnicom Group has announced the creation of the Omnicom Diversity Development Advisory Committee (DDAC) today. The committee “will focus on the development of initiatives that will enhance diversity at Omnicom.” The group has committed $1.25 million over five years to this initiative. That’s a good thing. Hope they manage to get the job done. You know who does diversity well? The Simpsons. Brown, yellow, shades of green…

So, New York City has somehow gotten in on this action with Council Member Seabrook and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn heading things up. The council will have eight bodies including:

– DDAC Chair, H. Carl McCall – a director of several public corporations, including Tyco International and is also the former New York State Comptroller. McCall is married to Dr. Joyce F. Brown, president of Fashion Institute of Technology.

Darwin M. Davis, Jr. – President and CEO, New York Urban League.

R. Vann Graves– Vice President, Associate Creative Director, BBDO; former co-chair of the executive board for the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP.

James Mtume – Radio personality, two-time Grammy Award winning producer and writer.

Maria Valentina Nunes – Former Senior Director of
Interbrand and President and Chief Operating Officer of Desgrippes Gobe Group.

Sharon Robinson – Director of Educational Programming, Major League Baseball; daughter of legendary baseball hero and American icon Jackie Robinson.

MarySol Rodriguez – Vice President, Government Affairs, Partnership for New York City; serves on the Mayor’s Task Force on Diversity in Film, Television, and Commercial Production, and the NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Tom W. Watson – Former Omnicom Vice Chairman and Dean, Omnicom University; recipient of the 2007 Advertising Production Person of the Year (APPY) Award.



Comment #1: HighJive:

Actually, Homer Simpson would probably be more effective instituting diversity than the new DDAC. And Homer would do it for a box of donuts.