Omelet L.A. Shows Off Its ‘Badass’ New Office

By Patrick Coffee 

ICYMI, Los-Angeles based creative company Omelet has made a few big changes in recent weeks. Not only did the agency hire 72andSunny’s Grant Holland as its new CCO…it also moved into a “badass” new office.

That word comes from Omelet co-founder and chief brand officer Ryan Fey, who adorned today’s press release with the sentence “What can I say? This building is badass.” Fey, who led PR for TBWA in North America before helping to launch Omelet in 2004, added:

“It’s an honor to have been chosen by the Samitaur Smith’s to occupy the Ptero — an incredible space designed by Eric Owen Moss Architects. We’re all here to shake things up and break some eggs – which is why Omelet was the perfect choice for this incredibly iconic and unique structure.”

Here’s two full minutes dedicated to the Ptero, which happens to be “the coolest fucking office ever.”

We like that Fey doesn’t take himself too seriously and that he doesn’t mind making babies cry. We didn’t really get the ghost joke, though. Someone please explain.

On a side note, here are some inspirational words from a very different Ryan Fey.

Same, bro.