Omelet L.A. Just Totally Rebranded a Century-Old Fruit

By Patrick Coffee 

Agencies are sometimes called upon to devise names for things. For example, they often give themselves  ridiculous monikers for reasons that don’t quite make sense to us (standing out in the market?) and also come up with nicknames for their offices, analytics departments and massive desks.

Omelet L.A., however, just rebranded a fruit.

BACKSTORY: The clementine is a varietal of the mandarin, which is just a smaller-than-average orange with a slightly sweeter taste. It’s naturally seedless, and it has existed since a French missionary named Marie-Clément Rodier created it in Algeria around 1902 by taking a graft from the orange tress at the orphanage where he was working at the time. Allegedly.

But, marketers being who they are, a company has now sought to create a new variant on that variant with some help from the people at Omelet. Dandrea Produce grows stuff in New Jersey to sell to supermarkets around the country, and the farm is now marketing the “clementeenie” as a new product with its own logo and tagline.

Here’s the “how we did it” video.

So Clementeenies are exactly like every other clementine on the market except that they’re grown in Morocco and therefore somehow superior?

VP Steve Dandrea didn’t specifically mention that when speaking to New York’s The Produce News earlier this month. He just said:

“The ‘Clementeenies’ tagline; ‘Easy to Peel, Easy to Love’ describes the fruit perfectly. Super sweet and seedless, they are the best clementines in the world.”

Omelet ACD Alex Delyle elaborates a bit:

“Launching Clementeenies with our pals at Dandrea has been one of the coolest opportunities we’ve had in a long time. It’s rare to be able to architect a brand from the ground up, and we got to do it with an amazing product — delicious Moroccan clementines. Couldn’t ask for a better brief!”

We don’t doubt Dandrea’s claims, but we prefer apples to oranges. Does anyone make tiny little apples without those annoying cores?

They could call them “Appletinis.” Pretty sure nobody’s taken that one…