Oh Look, More Cleavage in a Carl’s Jr. Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

If there are two things that go together more naturally than a Carl’s Jr. ad and a woman showcasing her cleavage, they would be french toast and eggs.

Yet 72andSunny’s newest work for its most erotic client is a little different than past campaigns. Like the most recent ad, which starred a group of mushrooms in place of whatever semi-famous model/actress may have played the part, this one has an unexpected protagonist: UFC champion and “Judo Olympian” Ronda Rousey.

We don’t follow UFC or pro sports in general, but we hear that she likes to knock people out in less than 30 seconds when she’s not trash talking Floyd Mayweather or dating married men with a penchant for domestic violence.

Anyway, Carl’s Jr. has a new breakfast sandwich that somehow manages to combine sweet and savory (!), and the company hired her to promote it.

You don’t fuck with Ronda. We get it. Sports Illustrated was kind enough to basically reprint the campaign headline along with a picture of Ronda in a bikini (no top, natch).

Ronda is so famous that a Marine asked her to the Marine Corps Ball and earned three million views for his trouble. And she does seem a bit more self-aware than Paris Hilton and whoever the hell this person is.

Client CMO Brad Haley re-emphasizes the key selling point, writing:

“American breakfasts have often included a combination of sweet and savory items and we’ve been looking for that perfect balance – which also just tastes great – for a few years now. The new Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich nailed it.”

We will take Ronda’s word for it.