Ogilvy New York Waiting for a Train That Will Never Come

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ogilvy Chairman/CEO John Siefert is in for the long haul, people. In fact, he plans to be around for another thousand years &#151 or when hell freezes over &#151 or when the MTA extends the 7 line to 10th ave. Whichever comes first. And he needs Ogilvy staffers to do (more of) his bidding. We mean this is the least pejorative way possible.

As only residents of Hell’s Kitchen would know, the Metro Transit Authority hates the West side. Not only is it lacking a subway &#151 the ACE runs no further west that 8th ave &#151 but the buses don’t go west of past 10th, either. This is a problem for Ogilvy which is currently busing people in the jalpoiest of short buses from just outside the Port Authority. The employees hate the walk &#151 heading toward the river in the winter is akin to falling out of a plane over Everest &#151 cold.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve lost potential candidates due to the walk. Wonder if Mother will have that problem.

“We are working with WPP and the Real Estate Board of New York as well as many local businesses, to urge the MTA to put the expansion plans back in action,” wrote Siefert in a memo. “A representative from the Real Estate Board of New York will be at Ogilvy’s cafeteria tomorrow from 12:00 to 2:30 with a petition that we can all sign in support of this program.”

So now Siefert wants agency employees to sign a petition to get the city to extend the 7 line to 10th ave. Too bad they’ll all be long dead before the thing gets built. This has all happened before and it will all happen again.

Update: How could we forget to mention the 2nd avenue line, which has been under construction since David Ogilvy was in diapers.


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