Ogilvy New York Asks ‘Will You?’ for Tiffany

By Erik Oster 

Last month, Ogilvy & Mather New York launched its “Will You?” campaign for Tiffany, attracting attention with print ads depicting a recently-engaged gay couple. Now, Ogilvy has launched the next phase of the campaign with a new ad continuing the trend of inclusiveness.

The real-life couple from the print campaign returns, joined by other modern day couples professing their love for each other. Make no mistakes, Ogilvy aims straight for the heartstrings, attempting to capture both the awkwardness and tenderness of proposing. “Will you…wow, this is weird,” the ad starts. “Will you let me be the one who gets to make fun of you because you take three minutes to butter your toast in the morning?” From here, different couples trade off lines, sometimes completing what another couple started, until finally the spot cuts to the chase with a “Will you marry me?” delivered from, seemingly, all the couples.


While the string-heavy soundtrack may come across as a bit maudlin, and how you feel about the ad will deal a lot to deal with how much sentimentality you can stomach, Ogilvy does a fine job of making the couples in the ad seem realistic. The dialogue expresses the kind of flaws (such as the toast line) which ultimately endear romantic partners to each other, and the inclusiveness of the ad makes it feel like Tiffany is celebrating everyone rather than one demographic.


Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy East: Chris Garbutt
Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer: Lauren Crampsie
Group Creative Director: Debra Fried
Creative Director: John Doyle
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Senior Music Producer: Michael Freeman
Senior Business Manager: Libby Fine

Director Digital Rights Management and Licensing: Gloria Graham Hall
Executive Group Director: Leyland Streiff
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Account Supervisor: Kat Bear Brown
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