Ogilvy Madrid Insists That You Pronounce Its Name Correctly

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an odd one from Ogilvy’s Spanish office in Madrid.

First, a very British gentleman reminds us that the “a” in “Mather” is as long as the agency’s (storied) history:

Then, said gentleman provides a bit of context for the Spanish speakers in the audience:

The nice balding man doesn’t have a lot of confidence in your ability to get it right:

He also wants to remind us that the “G” in Gyllenhaal is a soft one:

The purpose of the project becomes a bit clearer as Lord Ogilvy shifts from telling non-English speakers how to pronounce his name to noting that Ogilvy is, in fact, very “coooooooooooool”:

This keeps going. Finally, the man does what he calls singing:

We remain perplexed, flummoxed, mystified, and confounded by this downright colonial effort, but it’s good to see the “lesser” Mather getting a little more love.

Now here’s an alternate pronunciation of the “Ogilvy”:

We prefer that one.