Ogilvy Japan Campaign Takes ‘With a Bullet’ Quite Literally

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an unusually dramatic campaign created by Ogilvy Japan to promote its own Creative School in Tokyo.

Ogily Asia COO Kent Wertime describes the school as “an initiative…where we train young creators for three months to specifically develop talent” while the agency’s own release calls it “a unique tool to recruit interns” from Japan’s art student community.

In order to encourage those students to enroll in the program during the new academic year, the organization created a series of posters that take the phrases “let it all out” and “with a bullet” quite literally.

OCS Final Cannes x4

The images present a disconcerting but — perhaps — accurate depiction of the daytime nightmares plaguing young creatives.

OCS Final Cannes x4

OCS Final Cannes x4

From the release:

“…we created a series of posters that showed youngsters ‘blowing their creative brains out’ with their hands, creating the most artistic splatters on the wall.”

Not sure how this one would go over in the States…

OCS Final Cannes x4

The images are nothing if not striking.

We are, however, slightly concerned about the emotional state of Japan’s art student community after seeing them.

Agency:Ogilvy & Mather, Tokyo, Japan

CCO: Ajab Samrai
Creative Director: Federico García
Art Director: David Morgan, Federico García
Copywriter: Federico García
Illustrator Hash: Takuro Okuyama
Illustrator Sole: Soledad Grossi
Illustrator Saki: Saki Murakami
Illustrator Rianti: Rianti Hidayat
Photographer: Hiromasa Gamo
Producer: Kohei Ishii