Ogilvy Brazil Sends Moms on Soccer Security Detail to Stem Violence

By Kiran Aditham 

With Mother’s Day around the corner, the timing seems about right for this effort from Ogilvy Brazil that focuses on a special set of moms who just want to increase the peace at a major soccer game.

Fan-on-fan violence is particularly rampant in soccer, so 30 women who happen to be mothers of fans of hometown team Sport Club do Recife decided to take action at a game against rival Nautico at Arena Pernambuco on Feb. 8. After training with military officers and private security guards, these moms took to the Arena to not only do their jobs but, hopefully, to inspire their overzealous children to calm down a tad.

In a statement, Sport Club do Recife VP of social responsibility Fábio Silva says:

“It is the sort of action that takes everyone by storm. Not in your wildest dreams would you picture coming across your mom at a football game. And, most interestingly, there she was working to promote peace at the stadium…It is the club’s belief that such a beautiful spectacle cannot be destroyed by few individuals that insist on marring it.”

At least for one night, their mission appears to have been accomplished; whether the good will sticks is another story. “Security Mons” marks Ogilvy Brazil’s second fan-focused collaboration with Sport Club in recent years, following the “Immortal Fans” campaign from 2013.

Client: Sport Clube do Recife
Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
CEO Ogilvy & Mather: Fernando Musa
Chief Creative Officer: Aricio Fortes
ECD: Paulo Coelho, Paco
Art Director: Alexandre Fernandes, Ale Koston
Copywriter: Bruno Brux
Head of Broadcast Production: Rafael Rosi
RTV: Andréa Consoleto/ Sônia Cremerius
Planner: Bruno Cunha, Thiago Krafzik
Account Executive: Luis Carlos Franco, Ana Paula Perdigão, Mauro Frota, Luiza
Production Company: Academia de Filmes
Director: Caio Rubini
Executive Producer: Paulo Schmidt
Director of photography: Felipe Meneghel
Montador:​ German Espiaut
Finishing: ​Academia de Filmes
Production Sound: Jamute
Music: Corre Corre Erê
Artist: Karol Conka
Client Executives: João Humberto Martorelli, Fábio Silva, Sid Vasconcelos