Ogilvy and Watson Have Big Things Planned for IBM

By Patrick Coffee 

IBM, which risks irrelevance along with Microsoft and other legacy brands as Google and its tech rivals continue to take over the world, has big things planned for the year ahead.

First comes this new campaign from AOR Ogilvy, which promotes the power of its artificial intelligence or “cognitive computing” project Watson. The company created a separate unit around the service last year, and now it’s ready to show the world how Watson is “more than just a champion Jeopardy contestant.

An ad featuring “a runner named Ted” and his IBM-enabled mobile health apps will debut this weekend during the U.S. Open, and the client released a couple of others this week.

Here, Ogilvy demonstrates how Watson can affect and improve our daily lives.

Next comes the IBM-for-business and cloud computing ad, which aims to explain why the company’s product is so much awesomer than those of its competitors.

These ads, however, are relatively small in scale compared to what’s coming.

Sources close to the matter tell us that Ogilvy’s creative team has been hard at work on a larger effort set to debut later this fall. Specifics are scarce at the moment, but we hear that the new campaign will be more “corporate” than the work in this post and that its ultimate goal is a complete refresh/rebranding of the IBM name.

More to come, then.