Ogilvy Amsterdam Wants You to ‘Choose to Smile’ for Coca-Cola

By Erik Oster 

Earlier this month, Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam launched its first spot for Coca-Cola with an over-the-top anthem ad. The agency took a much simpler approach with the shorter “Choose to Smile.”

The ad shares the insight that “Before you learn anything you learn to smile” (via a somewhat annoying tune, unfortunately), followed by the text, “It’s said smile 40x more than adults.” Encompassing footage of babies and toddlers laughing and smiling, the ad asks “Did we forget the first thing we learnt?” and encourages viewers to “choose life with a smile.” Since baby videos (along with cats, dogs and goats) are one of the those subjects all but guaranteed to be shared on the Internet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the video has gone viral, racking up over six million YouTube views in about ten days. Beyond that, though, the spot is a lot more successful at capturing the spirit of the “Choose Happiness” tagline and brand message than its predecessor, and a lot more watchable.



Chief Creative Officer: Ogilvy/Darre van Dijk
Sr. Copywriter: Ogilvy/Jesse Ridder
Sr. Art Director: Ogilvy/Jurriaan van Bokhoven
Agency Producer: Ogilvy/Pirke Bergsma
Account Director:Ogilvy/Annelouk Kriele
Director: Czar/Marleen Jonkman
Executive Producer: Czar/Karlijn Paardekooper
Producer: Czar/Sophie Hendriks
Researcher: Fem Verbeek
DoP:Martijn van Broekhuizen
Editor: Jelmar Hoekstra/Pieter Bokhorst
Colourist: CrabSalad/Laurens Orij
Sound Engineer: ParkStudio/Wouter Veersema
Music: (stock)Droopy Drawers-‘Drawers Serge’VOHuib Koch