Office of Baby Takes VR to the Doctor in ZocDoc Case Study

By Patrick Coffee 

According to an anonymous agency CEO who spoke to Digiday this week, most shops ditch the tech stuff once they’re done showing it off and leave it to collect dust forever. That person said, “To be honest, I’m still struggling to figure out how to apply VR to advertising: Does it really make a good brand experience? Does it really make a good ad?”

We don’t really know as we haven’t seen any great VR ads yet. But it does make for good case studies!

Here’s the latest from Office of Baby, the New York shop founded by GS&P veteran Paul Caiozzo and his partners. It’s about using VR to make the waiting room experience less awful for their client ZocDoc.

As the release put it, “We all know the dread of long waiting room time before appointments, but what if you could be transported to a relaxing place before a nerve-racking appointment?”

Even tech dummies like ourselves can appreciate that this sort of experience looks much more pleasant than thumbing through month-old issues of People magazine while waiting to get our teeth destroyed.

The kid at the end was really the best part.


Office of Baby
Art Director : Esai Ramirez
CCO, Partner : Paul Caiozzo
CCO, Partner : Nathan Frank
Partner: Patrick Millings Smith
Partner: Brian Carmody
Partner: Chris Milk 
Director: Imraan Ismail
Executive Producer: Tamsin Glasson
Producer: Lauren Simpson
Sound Design + Music : Joseph Fraioli
Arcade Edit
Editor: Chris Angel
Producer: Gavin Caroll