Office 2010: The Movie (And a Breakdown!)

By Matt Van Hoven 

A happy tipster just sent in the above clip, a trailer for Microsoft Office 2010. We watched it and made mental notes to share with you. Here they are, collated. Ha ha that’s just a little bit of office humor for you. No big deal.

&#151 Clippy, the helpful (but not actually) little paperclip that whooshed on your screen to annoy the piss out of you, not unlike 1998’s Weather Bug, is dead. Will Office be OK without him? Word. OK I stole that joke right from the clip, but c’mon that’s priceless.

&#151 There’s a new foe. She’s hot, and presumably represents Apple or something. Or, maybe she represents America’s last shred of hope that we’ll retain some ability to spell words, do math, use poster-board to give presentations and send snail mail. Either way, she’s attractive and cunning.

&#151 The dude who represents Office is really dorky, like all things Microsoft. I guess they haven’t seen those Mac ads.

&#151 At 1:26, someone says, “Do what’s ever necessary to….bla bla bla.” He should have used Word to check the grammar of that sentence. Or wait, have I been using it too long and that’s the right way to go? The world might end now.

&#151 Later on someone says, “Just another day at the office.” That was patently unfunny, yet we laughed. We’re becoming more susceptible to this kind of humor, which I think is the male paternal clock turning on. You know, dad jokes.

&#151 Wingdings still exist, and no one knows why.

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