Odysseus Arms and André Champagne Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Meme for Every Occasion

By Patrick Coffee 

Let us all take a moment to honor the ugly Christmas sweater.

Is there any single item of clothing more uniquely American? (We know the answer is almost certainly yes, but just go with us here.)

This time-tested sweater is such an established part of the outerwear world that it has inspired a number of ad campaigns over time, from Droga5’s 2013 Coke Zero Sweater Generator to Diesel and Publicis Italy’s PSA-style effort to get rid of these things forever.

A new campaign by San Francisco’s Odysseus Arms for André Champagne wants to celebrate the ugly/beautiful by meme-ing the fuck out of it.

This is an all-encompassing, three-month effort that touches on pretty much every “sharable…authentic, relatable, and humorous holiday moment.”

There’s the always-reliable hip hop grandma:

The lazer cat pic complete with Instagram-ready heading:

The slightly creepy “before and after” one-two:

The somewhat unexpected drag queen gif:

And the faux forecast:

Who wouldn’t spend at least three seconds watching this Instagram story??

For all y’all red state drinkers, there’s also the football tailgate/Heavy Metal Parking Lot version:

And finally, the OMG Totally Dead take, because this wool works on all ages:

The brief? “Universal truths for young adults returning home for the holidays,” lol.

It’s similar to the agency’s work for Carlo Rossi wine, which shares a parent company with André. Those efforts are all about getting real with the middle-aged women who make up the brand’s core demographic while spending as little money as possible in the process.

And before you ask, of fucking course there is a limited edition André sweater coming at you straight outta Modesto.


Gallo Wines
Brand Manager: Adam Weinberg
Assistant Brand Manager: Taylor Giordano
Digital Marketing Associate Strategist: Katherine Canadas
Digital Marketing Assistant: Alec Ledbetter

Odysseus Arms
CEO: Libby Brockhoff
ECD/Partner: Franklin Tipton
Account Director: Kelly Kruse
Creative Strategist: Caroline Sinclair
Associate Creative Director: Jarrod Gustin
Associate Creative Director: Madeline Lambie
Producer: Shirley Liang