Now We Know Sonic’s Secret Ingredient

By Kiran Aditham 

If the burgers and shakes from fast-food chain Sonic haven’t provided the proper picker-upper, you should’ve tried one of its outlets in Missouri. In a situation that’s surely making the company’s brand manager blush, police arrested an employee (and possible Breaking Bad fan) at Sonic’s Cape Girardeau, MO location for basically operating a meth lab within the eatery.

Sonic’s director of external communications Christi Woodworth–who emphasizes that Dennie L. Bratcher was just a night shift manager and has been terminated–tells Slashfood, “This is a very unpleasant situation and we regret the effect this may have had on our employees or our loyal customers.”

We’re not sure how big of a blow this is to the brand beyond the questioning of its hiring practices (Bratcher already had a felony conviction for burglary), but it can’t be any worse than the PR disaster that Domino’s had to weather earlier this year.

Via Dave Ibsen


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