Now Departing At Gate Resignation: Esther Lee, CEO EuroRSCG

By SuperSpy 

Esther Lee has been the CEO, North America of EuroRSCG for about a year. She spent longer at her previous gig as CCO of Coca-Cola. Maybe she just likes the client side better? It’s a different world on the other side of the line. Adweek nicely wrapped up Lee’s achievements:

– The New York operations of Euro RSCG and its digital/direct marketing division, Euro RSCG 4D, were integrated.

– Wieden + Kennedy CD Jose Cabaco filled the newly created chief creative officer for North America.

– The shop won LendingTree and Chivas Regal and failed to close on Kraft Foods’ Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Oh! They also launched that new website. Bleh.

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