No Wukkas: UK’s Iris Hiring 57 People

By Matt Van Hoven 

Having been named number 10 in the best companies to work for in the UK, ad agency Iris ( announced they’re hiring 57 new people.

“Silly us,” the agency wrote in copy accompanying the above ad. “We should have expected it. After all, if you’re going to treat all disciples equally, stay independent, reinvest your profits to improve your product and take care of your people…well, you’re just asking for something to go horribly right.”

So, is it a good agency to work for or did they find some way to game the rankings? Who knows. Don’t get all huffy about that question, it’s natural to wonder. Nonetheless, does it matter? What independent shop can say they’re hiring 57 people? Not many &#151 even among the holding company owned shops. So if you need a job, hit em up.

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