No Wukkas – The Job Hunt

By Matt Van Hoven 

Wow it’s been years (well, months) since we’ve done a jobs posting. Why? Because there haven’t been any! Until now, that is. Today we bring you news of job opportunities &#151 though we’ve found all these gigs on AgencySpy’s “Jobs” tab at the top of the page (you know, right next to where it says, “AgencySpy”. But no worries, I linked to the whopping 33 jobs below. The best are listed. Go forth and find work.

&#151 Publicis in the West is looking for a brand planner. link

&#151 Digital Kitchen needs a creative director. link

&#151 Huge needs a content strategist. link

&#151 And an engagement director. link

&#151 This unnamed agency needs a social media manager (whatever that means). link

&#151 Fanscape needs an account director. link

&#151 Crispin’s Boulder office wants a Sr. Integrated Producer, Interactive. link

&#151 And an executive interactive producer, also in Boulder. link

&#151 360i wants an account planner. link

Click here for more jobs.