No Stinking Badges

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well I get all sorts of anonymous tips and I actually just got one that made me laugh a little, and one that said something interesting about the sender’s view of this site.

Apparently, someone thinks I’m too young or new to advertising to be writing for an insider blog. I appreciate the critique, and hope to be young seeming for a long, long time.


And thanks for the compliment, but let me say a little about myself that might help explain why things are the way they are.

I’ve only been doing this for about three weeks, so bear with me. Sometimes things tick me off, other times I’m happy and since this is a blog and nothing else, I can express that in my posts.

The health and welfare of AgencySpy depends in part on you all. Without your knowledge, I really can’t hope to keep things all that entertaining. I know a bunch of people and lots of them are helping us keep things interesting.

But there’s a huge group of you out there with lots to say, and I want to hear from you. Yeah, if you don’t like me, and want to let me know, that’s cool too. But don’t be quiet. I’ve tried to make it easier to get in touch with me by posting my IM (agencyspy or adhound) email ( and phone number (651 470 1311).

So if ya wanna talk, let’s chat. I’m always going to be professional, so let’s talk. Seriously, this whole thing will be a lot better. I’m out &#151 I’m out, time for drinks.