No, No… We’re Digital, Too!

By SuperSpy 

Quickly… ad agencies are busy revamping their websites to show of their digital skills?

We commented on how much we dug Modernista’s site in a No Wukkas post. It’s truly innovative, the best of the best if you ask us, but Hal Riney recently redid there’s, too. We noticed that today sadly, because of the news of Riney’s death. It’s a pretty sire, but kind of annoying. KB+P has a new look sans flash. Smart kids over there. Way to keep your eye on the SEO thing. Grey New York hasn’t totally changed their site, but has added some new moving and flashy pieces.

We’re sure there are only more to come.

As ondownlow points out, clients don’t sign onto your agency for the pretty pictures you can make. They buy-in for your ability to strategize and sell their shit. Hmm… we agree, but don’t. It’s good to show off that you think beyond the box, a la Modernista. Your site can do a lot to encourage brands to take a closer look at what you can do for them. However, if you can’t sell their shit in the long run, most clients will jump ship. That is, unless they are a mega brand like those behemoths beneath the death star’s banner. You know – the ones who think talking to their consumer is revolutionary. They’re just looking to keep floating through the galaxy. In that case, who cares about innovative thinking or whether or not you know a damn thing about social media? A totally confusing, completely unfriendly and overly complicated website will be just fine. Just fine, indeed.