Nivea Unleashes Sexy Male Flash Mob on Unsuspecting Woman

By Bob Marshall Comment

So, this publicity stunt and resulting viral video from Nivea and DraftFCB Paris isn’t exactly a “flash mob,” we guess. Instead, we’re told it’s a combination “flashmob, street theatre, block-party, fairytale.” Add “bachelorette party” to the mix, and that pretty much covers it.

Yes, a little dab of Nivea lotion to your wrist and face can attract a bevy of male strippers in an instant. As Nivea puts in at the end of the video, ““Wake up your wow factor with Nivea Q10.” We can only assume she didn’t jump on the horse for liability reasons. Comments are currently disabled on the YouTube video (which garnered over 60,000 views in two weeks), but feel free to dispel your two Euros below.