Nissan Teases TBWA’s ‘With Dad’ Super Bowl Spot

By Erik Oster Comment

Today Nissan released a teaser of its “With Dad” Super Bowl spot from agency TBWA, offering just a brief glimpse of what the brand has in store.

Set to the Harry Chapin song “Cats in the Cradle,” the teaser shows brief snippets of a dad meeting his child for the first time, a car racing around a track (possibly the same man) and the family cuddling up together in bed, leading into the tagline “#withdad.” It’s not a lot to go on, but it’s pretty clear that Nissan will be among the brands celebrating fathers during the big game, joining Dove Men + Care, Toyota and others.

Nissan had previously said it did not plan to even offer a teaser of its big game ad in an attempt to maintain suspense for its broadcast appearance on Sunday. “With so many commercials airing before the big game, I fundamentally believe it takes away much of the magic of showing the commercial on the biggest stage of the year,” said Fred Diaz, Nissan’s senior vice president of U.S. sales and marketing operations, in a statement.

Today’s brief teaser then offers something of a compromise, a way for the brand to offer a glimpse of the ad while still maintaining some element of mystery.