Nike Uses Indie Rockers Ra Ra Riot to Sell Running Gear

By Bob Marshall 

As it turns out, vintage Nike Dunks may not be the only hipster-approved item of clothing from the sportswear giant. Believe it or not, LeBron James addressing a free agency controversy with Don Johnson at his side might not convince the Williamsburg elite that they need to get in shape or ironically play basketball for the first time since junior high.

But, not everyone can have the body of a fauxhemian by going vegan or choosing anorexia. Some do it by exercising (woah). Just look at Ra Ra Riot cellist, Alexandra Lawn. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to be at an event like South by Southwest where Ms. Lawn partakes in a free buffet before her band takes the stage, you’ll see her surrounded by legions of bespectacled skinny jeans wearing altbros, discussing in low whispers whether or not she’d speak to them if they approached her. It’s the truth. This girl is treated like a goddess wherever she goes, and that’s in part thanks to Nike’s urban running apparel.


So, next time you think of exercising as “uncool” or not something a rock star like yourself cannot in good conscience adhere to, think of Ms. Lawn and her bandmate Rebecca Zeller. Think of how they’re loved.

Update: W+K says it’s not responsible for this particular ad. Perhaps it was an in-house joint, then?