Nike Squashes Tape of LeBron Getting Served

By Kiran Aditham 

As Deadspin puts it, we are all witnesses to nothing apparently. On Monday night, Nike officials confiscated tapes from cameramen who were shooting a pick-up game at the LeBron James Skills Academy and happened to capture a young lad by the name of Jordan Crawford serving up a two-handed dunk on the host himself.

One of those who had his material pried away was freelancer Ryan Miller, who said Nike Basketball Senior Director Lynn Merritt snagged his tape seemingly at the behest of King James himself. Talking to Gary Parrish at CBS Sports, Miller states:


“He just said, ‘We have to take your tape.’ They took it from other guys, too. LeBron called Lynn over and told him something. That’s how I knew his name was Lynn. LeBron said, ‘Hey, Lynn. Come here.'”

Soon after, Miller was forced to part with his prized footage even though he had been filming at the Academy all day without incident. The cameraman added, “There’s nothing I can think of besides LeBron just not wanting it online.”

It could be that or that the King used Nike muscle to stave off further embarrassment after getting thumped by the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.


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