Nicholson Kovac: “We Don’t Believe in Taking Political Prisoners”

By SuperSpy 

The small copy on this recruitment advertisement from Nicholson Kovac, says: “We’re not only independent, but we believe in being 98% fat free.”

Kovac has decided to use the unusual tactic of promising zero politics to entice folks to Kansas City. They also boast of a “flat organization chart,” so there are fewer levels of approval. Okay, but come on… Every business (and most certainly those in advertising) have political prisoners. In fact, some NK staffers would patently disagree with the shop’s claim. See here, and here, and here.

Everyone has affairs of state. Without office politics, the operating model becomes a collective. If you’ve been to a liberal arts college and started an art/writing/screen printing collective, then you know it’s all bollocks. Someone is always in charge. Someone is always at the bottom and someone is always bitching and angling. It’s human nature. Deal with it.

This politics free pitch makes no sense considering this idealistic idea of “we-don’t-have-no-stinking-politics” is coming from a shop with the tag line, “Relevant Ingenuity.” Relevant. Ingenuity. How limited and depressing is that?

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