New York’s Geared up for Madmen

By Matt Van Hoven 

We aren’t sure we like any of these ideas, but if you’re into it you can participate in AMC’s MadMen promos throughout the week leading up to the show’s season 3 premiere (beginning August 10). The events are as follows:

Monday, August 10 &#151 Sunday, August 16

Hilton Bar Partnership &#151 Drink like a Mad Man! Visit the Hilton New York and the Millennium Hilton for a Brandy Alexander, Tom Collins or other classic Mad Men inspired cocktails.
Great, anyone who’s had a drink at the Hilton bar remembers how much money they didn’t have in their wallet upon exiting. But trudging through sweaty super-downtown could only be less painful after a few of these babies.

Wednesday, August 12 &#151 Saturday, August 15, 9:00pm-12:00AM

“The Golden Age of Advertising &#151 Go MAD over the original video art installation celebrating the Golden Age of Advertising that will be projected on the facade of the Museum of Arts and Design, or MAD Museum at 2 Columbus Circle.”
Colombus Circle is the ish, and we can definitely say that sitting near the fountain while watching the show would be cool, especially if the breeze was drifting a fine mist about the area. Approved.

Friday, August 14th, 7:10 PM
“New York Mets Gone Mad! Celebrate the 1960s, the team’s inaugural decade, as the New York Mets take on the San Francisco Giants. Lucky fans will be awarded Mad Men fedoras and fans 21 and over will be able to drink like a MAD Man as Don Draper inspired cocktail specials are served at select Citi Field bars.”
Hmm, I take Draper for a Yankees fan, though he’d probably only pretend to care anyway. He’d also be packing a flask at such a plebeian event, but those gate guards pat crotch like prison wardens these days. Cocktails and baseball!

Sunday, August 16

“Season Three Premiere Live Screening &#151 Watch the Season 3 premiere live and on the big screen in Manhattan’s Times Square and come dressed in your swankiest sixties attire to enter our pre-screening costume contest starting at 8pm. Free and open to the public.”
Times Square, now with seating, is maybe the last place on earth a normal human would want to spend their Sunday night. But now that it’s sans traffic (mostly), this could be a good deal. Unfortunately, public drinking equals illegal in NYCland, so be sure to vodka+sprite it or something before hand. 1980s style lawn chairs provided, if you can get one before the damn tourists.

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