New Pizza Hut Campaign Challenges Italians to Taste Sriracha

By Patrick Coffee 

The new Pizza Hut campaign doesn’t include full credits from AOR Deutsch LA.

But the spots, which earned coverage in both Adweek and The New York Times this week, mark a change in direction for the newly rebranded company.

First, a trip to the town of Boring, Maryland with your favorite announcer Dick Vitale:

After the jump: a visit to Bland and somewhere in Italy.


This experiential event in the town of Bland, Missouri, stars singer/actress Kat Gordon and baseball great Ozzie Smith (who sadly did not perform any of his famous backflips).

Here is the work that’s earning media mentions: it seems that members of “The Old World” aren’t impressed by Sriracha, jeggings or Skrillex:

In the latest spot, launched today, “Maria” gives us a definitive answer to the question “Pumped about the new #FlavorofNow” Menu?”…with a little help from one Richard Strauss.

Stuart Elliott tells us that these new spots are aimed at the elusive Millennials in an attempt to show them that “Pizza Hut understands how ardently they are embracing different foods and flavors.”

In Adweek, Kristina Monllos writes that, “according to the team behind the videos, tension is the only way to keep consumers’ attention” and that “Time will tell how this pie comes out.”

We were surprised to learn that Pizza Hut’s rebrand comes at a time when Domino’s — always the inferior chain in our minds — is booming while the Hut continues to lose market share. We’re curious to see if this new creative direction is enough to make up for that shift.

For the record, Sprint has yet to officially name its new creative AOR.