New Dating App Campaign Thinks You Should Expect Some Respect

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s not you, millennials. It’s your dating app.

So says this campaign for Vibes, a new app that finally gives you what you deserve: respect.

We’re posting on it because we get lots and lots of campaigns and this one stood out for some reason. Maybe it was the “under the hood” mechanics theme. Maybe it was the extended script. Maybe it was the image of an eggplant emoji (?) coming through the smartphone screen.

OK but seriously, you would like to work on a dating app campaign, right? It’s a relevant product.

This line from the release stands out: “Today, 30% of romantic relationships begin online, up from just 3% ten years ago–and by 2040, that number is expected to reach 70%.”

A majority of women also report getting harassed while using these things, which shouldn’t surprise you at all.

“Texting is a bad way to get to know someone,” said Vibes CEO Jenais Zarlin, who is also, coincidentally, the co-creative director on this campaign. “Attraction is nuanced. It’s expression, body language, signals you get from in-person interactions that just don’t come through from photos, written bios, and texts.”

Back to the work, though:

Colorful and refreshing, the video features a mechanic motif that uses witty banter to identify disdainful dating app behaviors including dishonesty and unsolicited photos.

That’s all true, isn’t it? We’re just glad we got married before dating apps were a thing, and we may have written that before but damn.


Campaign Title: New Mechanics of Dating
Brand: Vibes: dating + respect
Creative Directors: Jenais Zarlin & Elena Greenlee

Director: Elena Greenlee
Producer: Vanessa Perez
Production Manager: Pedro González Kuhn
DOP: Andressa Cordeiro
Key Gaffer: Jacob Abrams
Key Grip: Connor Bodell
Wardrobe: Charlese Antoinette
Wardrobe Assistant: Safiyyah Fatin
Key Hair and Make Up: Yolanda Price
Production Designer: Jack Reed

Composer: Scott Thorough
Editor: Kristan Sprague
Colourist: Joseph Mastantuono
Photography: Erin Leigh

VFX Services: Post Mango INC