New Agency Alert: Seisser And Landsberg’s Grok

By SuperSpy 

Two agency big shots, Steve Landsberg and Tod Seisser, have made the great escape. They’ve broken the bonds of their death star agencies to seek the light of independence. Steve was kind enough to answer some questions for Agency Spy about his new shop. Oh! And for those of you looking for a gig, Grok make be looking for you.

1. Who are the principal players in Grok?

Steve Landsberg and Tod Seisser. Prior to Grok, Tod was Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi, New York and before that, ECD at Ammirati. Steve was Chief Creative Officer of DDB, New York and Ogilvy Toronto.

2. Where are you located?

Uptown [New York]. It’s the new downtown.

3. What kind of agency is Grok – digital, traditional, both?

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We’re not an agency. We’re an agency antidote. We formed Grok for the specific purpose of offering clients the highest level of creative and marketing services with more flexibility, efficiency and urgency than an agency. At most agencies, the senior level people take the meeting, delegate the work and do the presenting. It’s very regimented and slow.

Grok creates, collaborates coordinates and integrates. When additional capabilities are needed we tap into a network of smart, nimble, independent partner companies from diverse disciplines. Digital. Strategic planning. Research. Media. Music. Branded entertainment.
We customize the right team based on talent and relevant experience, not which holding company they happen to belong to. We want the projects the big agencies are either too stretched to handle or simply haven’t cracked. We’re the alternative for clients who want big ideas without getting involved with a big, bloated bureaucracy.

4. Why is it called Grok? Makes me think of a character in that video game Fable, which for me, is a very good thing.

We’re glad you like the name. Actually, Grok means “to communicate with deep empathy; to understand profoundly and intuitively.” You grok?

5. Considering that you were such a big shot at Ogilvy, what inspired you to jump ship and start your own agency?

If not now when? If not with Tod, then with whom?

6. Are you concerned about starting an agency during this economic BS?

We think it’s a great time for a business model like ours.
Now, more than ever, marketers are dying to get the most for their money. They need senior talent who can solve complex marketing problems quickly. They don’t want to pay for bureaucracy and overhead. They need agility, innovation and audacious campaign ideas that will break though, differentiate their brand and drive sales.
We think Grok is a low risk/high reward proposition for any client.

7. Do you already have clients and/or are you pitching?

We are involved in projects we can’t disclose at this time.
And we’re pitching. Lots.

8. Oh and hey… why don’t you just steal someone from Ogilvy for the biz side? Those are some unhappy folks.

You are referring to our desire to find a possible third partner. Hey, all you brilliant, entrepreneurial, under-appreciated account directors everywhere! Call us.