New Agency Alert: AnalogFolk

By SuperSpy 

Naked got a new Daddy recently via Photon. Niku Banie quit in January before the buy out. Now, Matt Hardisty, previously global creative director at Naked Communications, has left to start his own shop. AnalogFolk, is a new agency set up by Hardisty and a few other digital executives including former i-level strategic director Ed Ling; Deirdre McGlashan is the former Managing Director of the Isobar Global team; Leo Moore (Britain and Ireland media manager at Diageo) and Matt Dyke, who was previously head of planning at DDB London.

From AnalogFolks’ website:

“We believe the ability for everyone to control what they consumer is a cause for celebration, not widespread panic.”

“AnalogFolk creates new currency for brands. Things that poeple will seek out, use, play with, share and may even pay for. We call them communications products.”

“As the advertising industry sets it future on the ones and zeros of digital technology, we serve as a reminder that human still experience the world in analog.”

Every time the world gets a new agency, it seems the business gets new lingo to learn. Communications products. Interesting.