Netflix, DonerLA Spoof ‘A Star Is Born’ With New Billboard Promoting Amy Schumer Special

By Patrick Coffee 

Netflix’s marketing strategy in one word: billboards.

That’s not quite true. OK, it’s not even remotely true. But we do find it kind of interesting that the company looks to elbow its way into old school Hollywood the traditional way, with straight-up bigger-than-life signs along the Boulevard of well-financed dreams.

And what better way to promote an LGTBQ-friendly special than by repurposing a gay meme?

That’s what apparently happened with Netflix’s latest marketing effort, a campaign to promote its upcoming standup special “Amy Schumer Growing.” The company almost completely recreated a billboard for “A Star Is Born” featuring star Lady Gaga and her character’s name, Ally.

Now compare that to the one that went up outside the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip … which is apparently the same place it appeared in the movie we haven’t seen.

Yep, pretty much exactly the same except perhaps for the font color.

We don’t quite have time to hunt for all the best meme responses, but you can just click here. And this tweet confirms that some members of the target audience very much got the reference.

Dude was great in 30 Rock. We’re told that Doner’s L.A. office (aka DonerLA), which does work with Netflix to promote various original programming features, developed the concept.

Spokespeople for both agency and client have not responded to requests for more information. But isn’t it kinda cool how simple billboards still get the work done?

[Featured pic via Getty Images]