NBA Addicted Grandma Gets Her Fix with YouTube TV

By Kyle O'Brien 

In a new campaign for YouTube TV, a grandmotherly type is so into her NBA broadcasts that she often misses out on important family gatherings. Her addiction to the sports action is quelled by being able to watch on her own time with live YouTube TV.

The premise of the humorous spot showcasing NBA devotee Emily, by agency Cartwright, is to show how easy it is to watch live TV on your own schedule without having to adhere to the strict television broadcast times.


“We all know that person who can’t stand to miss a minute of a live event, and saw that as a way to demonstrate the revolutionary way that YouTube TV is changing that live experience to one that you control,” Keith Cartwright, chief creative officer at Cartwright, said in a statement. “We’re not just saying it’s so easy your grandmother could do it, we are showing through Emily how an individual can take control of how and when they watch live events with the same excitement and real-time thrills of the live moment.”

The spot officially launches in time for the NBA Finals and runs through the benefits of the YouTube live subscription streaming television platform, including real time highlights and game alerts while telling Emily’s story as she cheers her team during a family dinner and steals herself away during family time, among other evasive maneuvers.

The campaign will air on the NBA Finals, on television networks and on digital platforms.