NASCAR Taps SapientNitro for a New Digital Platform

By Bob Marshall 

NASCAR is officially getting a digital facelift courtesy of the folks at SapientNitro.

In a press release, NASCAR announced today that SapientNitro will be in charge of redesigning and creating interactive experiences for the brand on mobile and tablet devices. Though it doesn’t explicitly say it in the press release, it’s safe to assume that SapientNitro is now NASCAR’s digital AOR, and the auto sports brand that should fit nicely in Sapient’s portfolio right next to their work for WWE.

And now, here are some tips for SapientNitro for bringing an authentic NASCAR experience to fans via digital platforms:

  • When the website 404’s, users’ laptops explode in a ball of flame.
  • When the mobile app crashes, users’ tablets/phones explode in a ball of flame.
  • Website visitors must wait for the Apple beach ball to complete 200 rotations before the homepage loads.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd auto-plays on every web page.
  • Users have the ability to choose what mobile app icon displays on their device. Icon suggestions: Confederate flag, Busch Light can, bald eagle, pickup truck, Dale Earnhardt sunglasses, canister of SNUS, etc.
  • Users automatically get arguments for why NASCAR is a “real sport” sent to them via mobile notifications throughout the day.
  • On race day, iPad users live-stream the race through a camera in the passenger’s seat of their favorite driver. Online voting will dictate what song plays on the driver’s car radio, and users can message the driver in real-time to make suggestions/critiques about his or her racing strategy. Actually, that would be pretty cool.

Best of luck, SapientNitro, and we hope we helped!