Naked Danes Are Just Like You, Except They’re Not Safe For Work

By Matt Van Hoven 

Gardening in the nude. Let’s be honest, we have all dreamed about doing it. Bellies flapping in the breeze, genitals unencumbered by sperm-count-reducing underwear, the light ffffft fffffft of semi-moist skin bouncing off other semi-moist skin as you pad across the lawn unashamed. What’s not to love, America?

All that and more are portrayed in this Danish telecom add for TDC, which employs a lovely middle-aged suburban couple who “are ordinary people, living their ordinary lives with the villa, the volvo and the TDC telecom provider, just like the rest of you,” according to Adland’s Dabitch.

Britta and Claus, our lead nudists, demonstrate how easy it would be to live their life. Unfortunately, in America genitals are outlawed and the breast-loving populous to spontaneously combust due to over-erotification.


(Warning: Video is super NSFW, and a little chubby around the waist)

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