Muse Uses AMC’s ‘The Pitch’ to Pitch Racial Diversity to Ad Industry

By Bob Marshall 

Well, it’s about time The Pitch took a turn for the interesting.

Next Sunday, Culver City-based Muse Communications will be the first diverse-segment ad agency to compete on AMC’s The Pitch. Now, if you’ve been following our weekly recaps of the show, you know that we’ve taken issue with a lot we’ve seen from both AMC and the agencies featured from week to week. But, one thing we haven’t mentioned much is how incredibly white each agency has been thus far, regardless of where in the country they’re located.

The above spot, “White Space” (not to be confused with DraftFCB Chicago’s new floor plan), will be debuting on Sunday during the broadcast of the episode featuring Muse pitching the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. As the agency’s chairman and CCO Jo Muse says in a statement, “The rate of hiring and retention of people of color has always been dismal in the advertising industry. It’s time the public felt the outrage of these people who, even now, can’t find a job in this business, much less move up to the executive ranks.”

It’s a great point, and one that unfortunately gets ignored more often than many would like to admit. Now, if only Muse could get people to actually watch The Pitch on a regular basis.