Murmur, Jets Overhead Want Regular People in Music Videos

By Jordan Teicher 

With music album sales decreasing, the music video has largely sunk into irrelevancy the past few years. Artists have less money to spend on four-minute infomercials for their singles, meaning most singers and rappers decide on safe, boring videos that don’t break the bank. Well, N.Y.-based Murmur teamed with Canadian alt. rock band Jets Overhead to add a little creativity to the medium.

A new music video for “What You Really Want,” the latest single from Jets Overhead, debuted two weeks ago and now, we have the interactive version that lets users splice their own photos into the chorus segments. The original version of the music video shows black and white photographs of people holding up signs addressing what they want. For example, one Joe Dirt look-a-like holds a sign that reads “Haircut.” The video also contains a cheesy narrative that plays during the verses about a girl looking for a guy so they can exchange these cheap-looking digital cubes. Must’ve blown most of the production budget on the interactive photo software, but the idea is to share, which works with the social media theme.

This actually isn’t the first time Jets Overhead tried to shake up the outdated music industry business model. In 2006, the band offered free downloads of their first album on their website, asking listeners to pay whatever they felt was a reasonable price. Not the best way to buy a private jet, but admirable to say the least. So, if you’re interested in becoming a Jets Overheard groupie, insert yourself into their music video and press play.