Multiple Agencies Team Up on ‘100 Every Day’ Gun Violence Awareness Campaign for Nonprofit Good Measure

By Erik Oster 

“Can’t See The Problem,” Josue Baltazar

Good Measure, a global nonprofit which organizes creative projects intended to have a lasting impact, is tackling the issue of gun violence with “100 Every Day,” a campaign centered around the alarming statistic that 100 people die from gun violence in the U.S. per day.

“100 people die every single day from gun violence. That sort of declaration should come with disgust, horror or shock. But most likely, it didn’t,” Good Measure founder Alex Anderson said in a statement. “We all read that line and it feels normal, like nothing new. What will it take for us to care about the numbers again?”


“100 Every Day” showcases submission-based original artwork on its website, calling attention to the prevalence of gun violence and the need for common-sense legislation to address the issue. The campaign website calls on visitors to submit original artwork illustrating the “100 Every Day” statistic, while also providing other ways to help for the less artistically-gifted, highlighting organizations working to counteract gun violence.

“No More Dead Friends,” Tres Garner

The campaign grew out of a three-day “create-a-thon” Good Measure hosted in New York this March, its third pop-up agency project. The campaign is being led in collaboration with Ueno and Van Holtz Co. Funsize, McGarrah Jessee, Hypergiant, Hyperakt, Upstatement, Alright Studio, The Black Sheep Agency, NUU Group, Janitor Creative Studio and Craft CMS are also providing support.

“It feels great to come together as a creative community and use our skills to take a stand,” Ueno marketing director Liz Donovan said in a statement. “It’s a chance for everyone who wants to do something, to make something, and get our voices heard.”

The campaign is the latest in a long line of agency initiatives addressing the issue of gun violence, particularly in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting and an appearance from Marjory Stoneman Douglas students at a 4As event asking the ad industry for help.

“Thoughts and Prayers,” RC

“American Summer,” Meg Lewis