MullenLowe Art Director’s Campaign Promoting ‘Quarter Life Poetry’ Book Goes Kind of Viral

By Patrick Coffee 

Samantha Jayne is a freelance art director at MullenLowe’s Los Angles office. She is also a Millennial and a poet.

She’s gotten a fair amount of press for her work outside the world of advertising, much of which concerns an upcoming collection titled “Quarter Life Poetry.” Its contents first began to appear on social media, leading BuzzFeed to call hers “The Only Instagram Account You Need to Follow Today” last April before Grand Central Publishing offered her a book deal.

Today we learned that she has a very unique relationship with MullenLowe, where she works as a freelancer so she can devote time to side projects like this new campaign to promote the book. Jayne–who is also an actress–stars in the spots, which were shot at MullenLowe’s offices and directed by Arturo Perezwho has helmed ads for Apple and Google among others.

The shorts feature Jayne adulting SO HARD while raising some legitimate questions.

That was surprisingly somber. Another take on living in the weird space between 20 and 30:

Some people who said goodbye to 30 a long time ago still use their parents’ cable passwords, by the way.

Jayne tells our colleagues at Adweek that much of the book deals with the oft-discussed disconnect between the lives young people present to the world on social media and the ones they actually lead. There may be an urban dictionary entry somewhere describing the next clip.

We wonder if Mr. Pancakes also works in advertising. Given his taste in decor, we would guess accounts or strategy.

Jayne says that her target audience includes the many young people who check almost all the boxes required to be “professionals” but continue to struggle with what that word means, exactly. We still read books and know other people who do so too…and Elite Daily has already covered the campaign, so we have no doubt Quarter Life will sell copies and Jayne will score more interviews.