Mullen Opening West Coast ‘Talent Hub’

By Kiran Aditham 

Once again, our tipsters were spot on as we’ve received an internal note sent from Mullen chief creative officer Mark Wenneker to staff today regarding rumors about the Boston-based agency opening up shop in San Francisco. Well, as Wenneker says, it’s no longer rumor. We’ve been hearing about the Bay Area expansion since Friday, and from what we know, that instead of just being referred to as an office per se, the Mullen camp is calling it a “talent hub.” The agency is currently finalizing space and recruiting said “talent” for the new SF “hub,” which we’ve been told should hopefully be operational at the beginning of next month. Anyhow, check out Wenneker’s full memo, which should clarify matters, after the jump.

“From: Mark Wenneker <redacted<mailto:redacted>>
Date: May 21, EDT
Subject: The rumors about opening Mullen SF are false.

They aren’t rumors anymore.

It is with great excitement that we’re announcing the opening of Mullen SF, a talent hub on the West coast. This has been something that I’ve dreamt about over the last year and a half. And thanks to the success of Mullen Boston and the determination of Joe, Alex and the executive committee this dream is officially coming true.

As you have heard us say a few times, Mullen is on a quest to attract the world’s best talent and expand our brand to other parts of the country and around the globe as we work on clients like JetBlue, Google and Grey Goose. Mullen SF is the next step in the journey.

Mullen SF will be composed of a small group of creatives and a little DNA from the Boston office. They will work with us as an extension of the Boston office, contributing to many of the accounts that are anchored here as well as helping us service our clients who are based out west. The San Francisco area is legendary for producing great creative talent and is obviously a hot-bed of innovation in the technology space. We think it will be a huge strategic asset for us to have a talent hub out there to grow our business and help us realize our agency vision.

The Boston management team will be running the SF operation. We will be going out to SF next week to finalize space and smash the champagne. The space will grow as fast or as slow as we will it. The people that we are hiring are all entrepreneurs. The hope is to explode creatively and make Mullen SF a magnet for new talent and new clients.

All of the success that we’ve achieved in the past three years with wins and work have put us in a good position to experiment with things like this SF talent hub idea. We’re excited about the diversity and energy that this kind of venture will bring to Mullen.

We are going about this carefully and efficiently. Further details about the space, the people and how it will operate in conjunction with Boston will be coming soon.

Thanks and wish us luck.

Mark Wenneker| mu //en
Chief Creative Officer”