MRY Shows Off Its Awesome La Croix Collection, Manages to Survive Another New York Summer

By Patrick Coffee 

So, Publicis Groupe’s digital agency MRY has been somewhat quiet in recent months after a lot of goings on in 2016. We had maybe even started to wonder how they might be doing when, upon scrolling through the old Instant Gram yesterday, we came a cross a sponsored video post from MRY itself! For us? Really??

The agency spent a good bit of the summer talking up its interns on social, but this one is a little different, and MRY previewed the short with a dramatic GIF a few days ago.

The video went live last week, and it’s kind of a little agency profile centered on everyone’s shared love of the Why Is This So Trendy All of A Sudden seltzer brand La Croix.

And of course they made a Westeros reference too.

See, this looks fun. We were into the burp and the shotgunning La Croix scene…

So what has been going on with MRY? To get all Negative Nancy on you, last year’s losses of Visa and T-Mobile hit the agency pretty hard, and quite a few leaders left, including CEO, Millennial whisperer and actual nice guy Matt Britton (who became chief executive of martech company CrowdTap early this year).

Last summer, MRY put its office on the market and later moved into the West Side headquarters of Zenith Optimedia.

Jason Whiting, former global managing director of Huge, replaced Britton but stepped down in March after just a year; he appears to have relocated to North Carolina to serve as president of PR firm Pace Communications. We were never able to reach MRY regarding his departure, and the agency has not yet named a new CEO.

Anyway, this promo post was pretty well targeted to us, and the fact that Publicis spent money on it implies that they want to put MRY back out there as a/the solution to your clients’ digital marketing challenges.

Also, La Croix really is just flavored sparkling water. No big deal.