MRY Chairman Matt Britton Is ‘the Nation’s Leading Expert’ on Millennials

By Patrick Coffee 

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of some big changes that have occurred at Publicis’ MRY lately. Over the past few weeks, the agency formerly known as Mr. Youth parted ways with a number of executives including its chief creative officer, its ECD, its new business leaders, its chief strategy officer and its CMO.

Former CEO Matt Britton remained with the agency, becoming chairman after Publicis hired Huge global managing director Jason Whiting to replace him atop the organization in the latest round of restructuring at Publicis Media Solutions.

A new YouTube reel reminds us that Britton also frequently appears on TV and in public to discuss young consumers and their habits. He is, in the video’s own words, “the nation’s leading expert on the Millennial generation.”

Britton makes some very valid points in these clips. The NFL streaming deal was kind of a big thing, and we can’t believe it went to Twitter because we can say from experience with the Verizon NFL app that we really don’t like watching football games on our phones.

Regarding his comment at 2:43, real estate is pretty much unattainable for young people who live anywhere near a major metropolitan area, with “young people” in this case meaning anyone under the age of 50 unless we’re taking inheritance into account.

We do not in any way begrudge Britton what looks like a nascent side or primary career as a brand consultant. There’s a lot of money to be made in telling certain people how to get younger people to spend their money. And he did write a book on the topic, which is more than almost everyone reading/writing this post can say.

Like most people, we are not experts when it comes to analyzing and monetizing the behavior of those five years below us in the food chain.

But we do know answer to this question: “waaaaaaaaaaay too fucking much. Ewww.”