MRY Celebrates the Merger with ‘Allidays’

By Erik Oster 

MRY, the New York-based shop that merged with LBi earlier this year, has done something a little different for their holiday card. Instead of just including all the winter holidays, they’ve gone ahead and created an Alliday Card with “13 days to celebrate the magic of mergers.” They decided that they like their holidays like they like their agencies: merged . So they merged together a bunch of holidays to create 13 “Alliday” celebrations.

Among the new creations are Momukah, Dia De Los Muertes Presidentes, 4Fathers20, Groundependence Day and Cat Tuesday. It all kicked off yesterday with Rosh Hashinese New Year; today is Black Friday the 13th, tomorrow is Diwalintines Day, and it concludes with Christombus Day. For each Alliday, MRY tells you how to celebrate (for Rosh Hashinese New Year have some egg drop soup with matzo balls), includes an Alliday greeting, and a gift you can bid on (like “8 days of phone calls from a handsome, well-educated Jewish son for Momukah).


MRY’s lighthearted take on the holiday card is certainly one of a kind, and the Allidays are mostly pretty funny. A few of them — Cat Tuesday, anyone? — even sound like a lot of fun. A funny holiday card that’s out of the ordinary, merges holidays, and has little to do with Christmas? Believe me, that’s much appreciated.