MPG Welcomes Mitch Oscar

By SpyWriter 

MPG North America has created a position for Mitch Oscar. Oscar will be joining the team over at MPG as Executive Vice President/ Televisual Applications. Before joining MPG, Oscar was the director at CaratDigital. MPG is expecting that Mr. Oscar, in his new role, “will be identifying evolving new media opportunities that can be realized by the convergence televisual communications.”

Listen, the discussion on how to market to consumers that are more connected to each other, but less engaged in the advertising of products has been on going for years now. Clearly there is a way to reach out to those consumers, even in the age of instant gratification technologies like Tivo and the blackberry. Ad Agencies and Marketing Firms everywhere are scrambling to create roles that can answer that exact question. It has proven to be an arduous process. I’m not sure that there will ever be one platform that reaches target markets ever again. But then again, MPG didn’t hire me for the position, so my opinion’s probably not worth a red cent.

No doubt, Mitch Oscar has an impressive resume. So he should certainly be up to task. Let’s see what direction MPG takes over the next year or so.