Move Over Chris Guest, You’ve Been Bested by a Sort-of Music Video

By Matt Van Hoven 

Hey, everyone, let’s take a second and get something straight &#151 Draftfcb isn’t the only agency doing work for the 2010 US Census, OK? There’s totally other shops, like GlobalHue, doing stuff too. As far as general market work goes, we’re only familiar with the creator of the ad below, Plum Agency.

They’re a strategy shop that merged with a creative shop and as such you should know they were totally strategic with their not-Christopher-Guest themed stuff. It probably cost way less since they made up their own song and, you know, didn’t use a thousand semi-lebrities. If nothing else, they win for perception of cost. And according to a company representative we chatted with, the work “tested well” with some sort of focus group(s) &#151 which means people were paid money to sit in a room and say things about advertisements they’d otherwise ignore.

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