Motive Trolls Coke for Pepsi

By Erik Oster 

Motive launched a new campaign for Pepsi entitled “But Only with Pepsi,” which mocks two Coca-Cola marketing devices: the brand’s polar bear mascot and “Share a Coke with…” name on a bottle packaging. Two new 15-second spots bring the take-downs while hyping Pepsi’s summer promotion offering consumers the chance to win concert tickets.

Both ads open with a voiceover announcing, “This summer you can win tickets every hour to concerts of your choice” as two friends each buy a soda from a vending machine, one a Pepsi and the other a Coke, before the voiceover adds, “…but only with Pepsi.” In the ad with the more better takedown, a girl turns to her friend and says, “At least your name’s on the bottle,” to which she replies, “Do I look like a Larry to you?” It’s a succinct yet effective criticism of the name on a bottle stunt, emphasizing its randomness. A second spot sees a guy reassure his friend, “You still got the polar bear.” The spots promote the Pepsi Pass loyalty program app, which will offer consumers the chance to win tickets to concerts and even the MLB All Star game, as well as dining points at participating restuarants by scanning the barcode on Pepsi products.

“We know that there are few things that grab our fans’ attention as much as seeing our beloved blue and that red next to each other,” Linda Lagos, brand marketing and digital director for Pepsi, told Ad Age. “It’s done well for us in the past, and it’s just something that we know works and that they love to see”