Mother Writes Pretty Poetry (copy) for CNN

By Matt Van Hoven 

Mother NY took the big job of writing heady copy for CNN and turned it into a poster or banner or something.

“A Moment” is a brand statement for CNN, providing a poignant voice on this highly anticipated election. The ad captures the importance of this day by focusing on how we are living in the moment right before a major event becomes history.

It starts like this:

“There is a moment. A simple moment before history gets recorded. Before it goes in the books. Before it appears as a question on a game show. Or a midterm exam. A moment right before the headline is written…”

See the rest of the love-letter, after the jump.

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“…There is a moment when history lives in the present. When we can watch it unfold in real time. Right before our eyes. And we can assume our place in it. Some people live for history. We live for the moment just before.”

CNN’s taking no names in their mission to realign themselves at the center of the media aisle. This philosophical diatribe is another indication of that, but is it effective? Tell us, below.