Mother New York Wants Your Dad and Mom Bods

By Erik Oster 

Mother New York launched a new campaign for online organ donation registry Organize, celebrating mom and dad bods. You know, the ones that are supposed to embarrass you for the rest of your life.

An online spot entitled “The Mom and Dad Bods Anthem” features a motivational speaker who opens by admitting, “I’ve always loved bodies. I especially love, love mature bodies.”

Things get progressively weirder from there. After briefly addressing the problem of older people being less likely to be registered organ donors, the spot moves on to a song celebrating dad and mom bods, with plenty of mature folks showing off said bods to the tune. It ends with a call to younger viewers to share the video with parents in an effort to convince them to become organ donors.

Typically ads addressing the topic of organ donation have been dry and serious, addressing the issue of the need for such donors head-on. Mother’s latest effort clearly offers an alternative approach. The motivational speaker schtick allows the agency to address the problem of insufficient older organ donors head on briefly, while the subsequent awkward music video hopes to get audiences to share the content, especially millenials.


“The first stage of the process was a really, really deep understanding of the problem and finding a cool, different and respective angle to start a conversation in a way that hasn’t been done before,” Mother New York creative director Jose Funegra told Adweek. “Hopefully people feel excited about it.”

“While organ donation can be a heavy topic and one that should be taken seriously, it’s also helpful to remind parents that their bodies are still useful in a comical way,” added Organize co-founder Jenna Arnold.