Mother New York and Calvin Klein Will Teach You How to Sext

By Patrick Coffee 

All you professional marketers know that the kids today are sexting each other like they don’t have anything better to do–and you’re trying as hard as you can to insert your clients’ brand/content/integrated app-based campaign into those NC-17 conversations.

“Meet Us,” a campaign created by Mother New York for client Calvin Klein, attempts to ingratiate a classic fashion brand into the day-to-day of tweenty-somethings who are too busy checking their phones to figure out whether there might be better-made blue jeans on the market.

The goal of the work, according to the release, is to “start a conversation with young people” about how eager they are to drop those Calvins on the floor.

Here’s the first ad, released last night and titled “The Full Story”:

What we gather from the ad is that–despite reports that risky sexual behavior is declining among certain key demographics–the kids still wanna have fun. And spelling still ranks fairly low on their list of prioritiezzzzz.

So it’s a standard Calvin spot featuring magically hairless boys and girls with a bit of light sexting on the side…and everybody still gets laid at the end of the night. NBD.

Regarding the “inspired by actual events and people” qualifier, the agency apparently played the Larry Clark role in this project; the release tells us that “Mother New York hung out with kids living in today’s world and heard stories from best hook­ups to steamiest sexts, nothing was off limits.”

So who got that assignment, how did they expense the drinks, and where is Harmony Korine when you need him? The credits aren’t telling.

In case the painfully hip nature of this work was not quite clear, Calvin’s famous Houston Street billboard will dump Justin Bieber for “a same sex embrace” in August, the in-book work will run in VICE, and the brand developed an “integrated digital partnership” with Tinder that allows it to be one of the app’s first advertisers.

As happily married olds, we would like to tell all the young-ish, single and indecisive people of the world that it totally sucks to be you.


Creative Agency: Mother New York
Photographer/Director: Mario Sorrenti
Production Company: North6
Video Post: Modern Post