Mother Hires NY MD from Six Flags

By Kiran Aditham 

Mother New York welcomed a new managing director, Angelina Vieira Barocas, who hails from Six Flags of all places. Barocas spent the last four years at the amusement park company leading its biz dev efforts and strategic positioning and also developed Six Flags’ first online marketing campaign (which we can only assume is less creepy than the brand’s bald, bespectacled pitchman).

Like creative director Rob Baird before her, Barocas states, “As soon as I met the people there, I knew I was home. It had all the components of what I wanted, the right people, the right culture and incredible creativity.” Regarding her move back to the agency side, Barocas, who spent ten years toiling in account services as W+K, adds, “There are great client-side people and there are great agency people. At heart, I’m agency.”

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